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louisiana kids, inc.

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LA Kids, Inc.

Louisiana Kids Inc. is a non-profit 501-C3 volunteer organization.  Louisiana Kids Inc. was formed to focus on the God given Talents of our children, while using the Performing Arts as our Vehicle to develop self esteem and character in children three years of age to senior in high school.

Our Mission:
Sharing our talented gifts for the benefit of others,
Promoting education,
Emphasizing family values,
Celebrating positive, drug-free lifestyles,
Maximizing and encouraging the highest potential in every child,
Nurturing fairness, integrity and respect for all.

Our Goal:
To provide regular opportunities for young people to perform in wholesome, drug-free environments under the direction of professional educators and entertainers.

Our Objective:
To foster family focus on young people's activities,
To provide an atmosphere where young people support each other,

To increase awareness for the needs of others through sharing their talented gifts,
To enhance opportunity for young entertainers to develop their potential,
To foster an increased sense of professionalism and self-discipline,
To serve as an example of positive, drug-free lifestyles.

Our Expected Educational Outcomes:
Self-esteem is increased,
Loss of fear of audiences,
Performers learn to give their talents to change the lives of others,
Planning and preparing for events develop future life skills,
Families are drawn together.



1132 Barbe Drive Westwego, LA 70094




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